Can CBD Help Arthritis?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is seen as sort of a cure-all and it has been shown to help a long list of health issues. Let’s just look at pain management associated with arthritis. There are over 50 million adults who deal with arthritis and if you or a loved one are one of them then you’ll be happy to hear that CBD products can help alleviate the pain and discomfort.

So, what is CBD? CBD products are derived from a chemical compound called cannabidiol found in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol is one type of cannabinoid that doesn’t get you ‘high’ because of its non-psychoactive makeup. There are studies that show CBD products can help with pain management associated with arthritis and offer an alternative to dangerous and addictive opioid medications. CBD comes in many forms, including capsules, extracts, honey-infusions, topical ointments and edibles.

Researchers once thought the CBD attached to your brain’s cannabinoid receptors in which some are related to inflammation and pain, but now they suspect CBD helps your body use its own natural cannabinoids more effectively. This creates an anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effect for your body which is perfect for arthritis sufferers. Of course there is more research that needs to take place, but overall the findings are very promising.

Here are a couple of suggestions if you want to try CBD products:

  • Use low doses, which seem to work best for pain relief
  • Start with a CBD-only product of 5–10mg twice daily, and then slowly increase.

Side effects are always a possibility when using products, but CBD doesn’t pose significant risks for users. Some of the issues that people may face are nausea, sleeping issues, and irritability, but these aren’t commonly seen. Withdrawal symptoms are also rare after you stop using CBD products and are much rarer when compared with addictive substances like opioids. Most people will return to original symptoms after they stop using CBD products.

As CBD comes from the cannabis plant many people think about the legality of the products. It’s a complicated discussion, but many states allow some form of CBD. Overall, CBD products are a relatively new phenomenon and research is continuous, but they have huge potential to help with arthritis and pain management. If you can use a natural product that doesn’t cause intoxication and dependence but produces pain relief then why not give it a shot and see if it works for you?