stretch therapy

How Can Stretch Therapy Help Me?

  1. Reduce Muscular Pain: Tight muscles can lead to pain and discomfort, for example, pressure is placed on the lower back when the pelvis is pulled down by tight hamstrings. Stretching these tight muscles frequently alleviates this pain.
  2. Increase Flexibility: At StretchSPOT our technique involves trigger point release during the stretch which separates the muscle and helps to improve flexibility and increase range of motion.
  3. Help Avoid and Recover from Injury: Lack of stretching causes the tendons around muscles to stiffen creating tightness and limited range of motion in everyday activities. Over time you become slower and prone to injury, muscle strains and other soft tissue damage. Stretching out the muscles relieves this tension and tightness and protects against future injury.
  4. Enhance Athletic Performance: Regular stretching increases blood flow and relieves muscle fatigue by loosening muscles and tendons. This helps achieve greater physical endurance during sports and workouts because oxygen flows readily through the blood, delaying muscle fatigue. Stretching helps to reduce post workout soreness.
  5. Improve Posture: Stretching the muscles of the lower back, chest and shoulders helps hold the spine in alignment which improves posture, can reduce pain and discomfort, and prevent injury.
  6. Increase Circulation: Stretching increases nutrients and blood flow to the muscles, promoting vigorous healthy cell growth and improved organ functioning. Well-functioning circulation keeps the heart rate lower and helps protect against high blood pressure and heart disease.