woman in office holding exercise mat

5 Health Tips for Office Workers

Spending your days at the office can quickly take a toll on your body, regardless of whether you work from home or physically enter an office space. Between poor posture, hours upon hours of sitting, and tempting snacks lurking around every corner, office workers face several hurdles when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

If you have an office job, here are some easy things you can do to stay healthy during the workday so you can do all the things you love when you’re off the clock.

5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in an Office Job

Your health and wellness need to be priorities every day, including when you’re at work. Try implementing easy these ideas into your workday to improve your health for the long-term.

1. Add movement to your day

Research has shown a direct link between sitting all day and an increased risk of mortality and chronic disease. The only way to combat this is to move more instead of spending eight hours (or more) a day sitting. Set a timer to get up and walk for five minutes every hour. Make the extra effort by walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Park further away from the office and suggest walking meetings with colleagues. The more you move, the healthier (and more alert) you will be.

2. Pack a lunch and snacks

Bringing a healthy lunch from home will significantly reduce the temptation of going out to eat and loading up on calories at lunchtime. If you work from home, keep the routine of packing a lunch the same as you would if you had to go into the office. You’ll be less likely to order out or to graze on unhealthy snacks when your stomach starts growling.

3. Take stretch breaks

Sitting in a chair can lead to tight hips, shoulders, and arms. Set a timer every few hours to stretch your chest, neck, arms, hips, and legs. This will help you re-align your body and stay loose to prevent injuries. You’ll likely see an increase in productivity as your body releases endorphins, and your blood starts to flow more efficiently.

4. Plan your workouts

Fitting exercise into your day is crucial when you spend most of your time sitting down. Plan your workouts for either before or after work and do everything you can to make sure you don’t miss them. Sign up for a class at a gym or find a running partner to stay motivated and accountable.

5. Stay hydrated

Keep a large water bottle on your desk and use it throughout the day to make sure you are staying hydrated. Reaching for water instead of another cup of coffee when you hit a mid-day slump can help you feel more energized and lead to increased productivity.


You can still live a healthy life if you have an office job. Make a dedicated effort to move around throughout the day, pack healthy foods, and take care of your body by stretching and drinking water. To learn more about how stretching can help you or get assistance with your stretching, book an appointment with StretchSPOT.