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6 Reasons Your Back Is Killing You

Nothing disrupts an otherwise productive day like persistent back pain. Even mundane tasks — sitting at your desk, getting groceries, playing with your dog — become difficult. The small area aching dully casts a huge shadow over your daily life. About 16 million American adults have to limit their activities because of persistent or chronic […]

5 Reasons You Should Stretch If You Play Golf

When you play golf, you tend to work out every part of your body. Your upper body, arms, and shoulders have to be in good condition to power through swings. Your hips and back have to be in good form to ensure stability and coordination. Your legs have to be strong enough to make those […]

The Big Benefits of Stretch

In a nut shell, stretching is great for you! But you knew that right? Check out the reasons to get some kind of stretching into your life…   1. Stretching Reduces Pain Tight muscles cause pain! They cause parts of the body to be pulled in the wrong directions, example, tight hamstrings can cause the […]