Can CBD Help Arthritis?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is seen as sort of a cure-all and it has been shown to help a long list of health issues. Let’s just look at pain management associated with arthritis. There are over 50 million adults who deal with arthritis and if you or a loved one are one of them then you’ll be… Read more about Can CBD Help Arthritis?

5 Ways to Improve Your Time as a Runner

The new year is in full swing and you may have set a running goal for 2019, but you’re not too sure how to get better as a runner to meet that goal. You’ve come to the right place. Lace up those shoes, get your running gear on, and improve your time by following these… Read more about 5 Ways to Improve Your Time as a Runner

Setting up an Ergonomic Workstation

This post is intended to help you set up an ergonomic workstation at work or home. Sitting at a desk for hours during the workday can be a killer for your body. No matter how well a workstation is designed, problems can arise if you don’t pay attention to the way your body is situated.… Read more about Setting up an Ergonomic Workstation

What to Eat to Avoid Inflammation

You are special and your body knows it. Your defense mechanism, your immune system, is actively fighting off foreign microbes, pollen, and chemicals which, in turn, cause the inflammatory response. Small doses, defined as acute inflammation, protect your health. This is completely normal. The issue lies with a chronic and persistent inflammatory response which is… Read more about What to Eat to Avoid Inflammation

What is Prehab?

Hate getting injuries that stop your daily routine? One way to help stop them from happening is to start a solid prehab routine. Prehab you say? What is Prehab? Pre-habilitation, or prehab, is the process of helping yourself steer away from preventable injuries and working on your areas of weakness which can evolve into an… Read more about What is Prehab?

What are Trigger Points?

The term ‘trigger point’ is something you have most likely heard of, but probably know little about. If you have ever had someone treat your trigger points, you know they are a painful annoyance and very tender when worked on. Basically trigger points form because of muscle injuries, strains, and trauma. When the fibers of… Read more about What are Trigger Points?

What is Fascia and Why is it so Important?

Have you ever had myofascial release? Lots of people have had it done, but what exactly is ‘fascia’? Why do I need it ‘released’? And why is it so important to keep healthy?  Your body, as a unit, is supported and protected by fascia as well as your muscles and organs. It plays an important… Read more about What is Fascia and Why is it so Important?

Can Myofascial Release Help Back Pain?

Many people deal with lower back pain every year and in most cases it is mechanical or non-organic simply meaning it isn’t caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture, or cancer. Myofascial release is a manual therapy technique that can help with that bad back of yours and get you doing the… Read more about Can Myofascial Release Help Back Pain?