StretchSPOT Comes To Your Office…

Why not bring StretchSPOT into your office as part of your Corporate Wellness Plan?

Today’s workforce spends many hours at a desk staring at a screen and using a computer. This is not what nature intended and, as such, desk work can take its toll on the body. Tech neck, frozen shoulder, “mouse arm” and back pain are just some of the problems that can occur as a result of sitting at a desk all day.

Keep your your workforce in top health and minimize sickness days by offering Stretch Therapy and Myofascial Release as part of your company’s health and wellness program.



We set up a table in a quiet area of your office.
Typically sessions of 20 minutes per employee are offered.
Minimum of 2 hours at a rate of $120 per hour for one Stretch Therapist.

Need more details or want to set this up? Please call Zoe or Kwesi on 310-933-3123.

Corporate Wellness Plans can be created to suit your office and your workforce.