1. What is Stretch Therapy?

Stretch Therapy takes place on a massage table in an open studio where one of our Stretch Therapists will move and stretch your body at various angles and in different positions with the aim of elongating the muscles and stretching out the fascia. Stretch therapy allows a deep and prolific stretch that is difficult to achieve by self‑stretching.

Fascia is the connective tissue that runs beneath the surface of the skin throughout the body. Think of it like the transparent part of an orange segment that holds everything together. Trauma, surgery, accidents, habitual poor posture and Repetitive Strain Injury all cause fascia to become distorted and restricted resulting in pain, tightness and discomfort. Conditions such as Frozen Shoulder and Plantar Fasciitis are the result of fascial distortions.

At StretchSPOT our therapists use myofascial release techniques coupled with stretch to smooth out the fascia, fix distortions and make the body work properly again without pain.

2. Who is Stretch Therapy for?

Stretch Therapy is beneficial for all kinds of people:

  • > People who work at a desk for long periods and experience muscular pain as a result.
    > Individuals who spend extended periods of time behind the wheel of a vehicle.
    > People who know they should stretch but don’t have time or prefer a professional to do it for them.
    > Those with muscular health issues including Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis Elbow, Achilles Tendinitis, Sciatica and Shin Splints to name a few.
    > Fitness enthusiasts from all disciplines: runners, cyclists, gym-goers, weight lifters, dancers, tennis players, Cross-fitters, swimmers, horseback riders, basketballers, baseball players and many more.


3. Why do Stretch Therapy?

Stretch Therapy and Myofascial Release offer a large spectrum of health benefits:

  • > Reduce muscular pain and tightness
    > Increase flexibility and free movement
    > Prevent and protect against injury
    > Perform better at your sport and recover more quickly
    > Improve or correct bad posture
    > Increase circulation and cardio health
    > Relieve stress
    > Enjoy a better, more restful night’s sleep

Take a look at what we do here at StretchSPOT

Take a look at what we do down at StretchSPOT in this quick video...



  • Just had my first stretch session and I feel amazing! Thank you.
  • I feel great.... best thing I’ve done for myself all year!!!!!
  • Omg! Amazing place! I feel so refreshed after having my body with assisted stretching! Also staff is amazing!
  • I very much enjoyed my intro session at Stretch Spot. Kwesi has a great feel for what is just enough, but not too much pressure. I am looking forward to sending my husband in, as well!
  • This was the best place I have been to since I have had issues with back and legs. Very, very nice and comfortable atmosphere... Stretch was better than any massage that I have had . I would recommend this to anyone before taking a bunch of meds! Feeling the best I have felt in over a year!
  • I LOVE this place! I was in so much pain ( chest and shoulders) I could barely walk. I thought it was body sickness from a cold but after an hour of extensive work I felt 98% better-it was miraculous! I couldn't believe that all of the pain in my body was gone. Kwesi's technique got the blood flowing through my muscles, my hip flexors were loosened and the extreme pain I had in my chest completely disappeared. I hate taking medication and this holistic approach makes me so happy. I highly recommend StretchSPOT. I live in Santa Monica and, if I could go everyday, I would. Thank you Zoe and Kwesi! Wishing you much success!
  • I have been thinking for a long time that a business should open offering stretching services and was so thankful the StretchSPOT had opened near me! I took advantage of the 15 minute free offer for new clients and it was so great that I had Kwesi extend our time.  I can't wait to go back. I felt taller, straighter, lighter and most importantly pain free when I left.
  • Amazing! Seriously, amazing! These guys are incredibly knowledgeable, they are able to make changes to your body that are long-lasting and effective. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Wish I would've found this years ago!
  • My overall health has improved since I started going. I consider Kwesi, Alfonso, and Zoe part of my life team now. I was treating pain from a motorcycle accident with deep tissue massage but the pain still persisted. When my doctor prescribed an epidural, I knew I had to find natural treatments and StretchSPOT was the answer! Now we're starting to treat old injuries that I thought could never be corrected. Please do yourself a big favor and at least try.